Firewood in Newport News, VA

A Affordable Tree Service provides high-quality firewood to residents in Newport News, VA, to ensure that you stay warm during the winter season. All of our firewood is split and ranges from 15 to 20 inches in length. We offer firewood bundles of varying sizes from one-half cord and up. We even deliver all of the firewood right to your home or business for your convenience, and our delivery fee is always included in the price of your order.

For local restaurant owners and residents who smoke their own meat, we provide hickory firewood, which is a great wood for enhancing the flavor of smoked foods. We also carry oak firewood, the most popular type of firewood used to heat homes. With our help, you can enjoy a warm fire while saving money on energy costs this winter season.
Burning wood in furnace -  Firewood - Newport News, VA
We trust that the quality and condition of our firewood will meet and even exceed your expectations. Many of our customers continue to return for our firewood bundles, which they use to heat their homes and create delicious smoked meat products for their families and customers. Contact us for pricing information and details about the woods we have available. When you do, we'll take our time answering all the questions you may have about our firewood services.